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Transparent Noise Barrier: The Ultimate See-Through Solution for Effective Noise Control


Transparent Noise Barrier

The HUSHTEC Mass Loaded Clear is a high-performance noise barrier yet 100% transparent. Common uses include large floor to ceiling factory dividers in industrial applications to section of certain noisy areas without affecting the light and brightness within the building.

Supplied on roll form, or we can cut to size and add eyelets where required to suspend as a curtain whether it be in an industrial application sectioning off noisy machinery or used in new home builds to soundproof rooms.

Suitable for a Range of Applications

Our Transparent Noise Barrier solution is ideal for construction sites where areas of a building need to be cordoned off with noise reduction properties. It’s a solution that reduces sound without impacting visibility.

It can also be used as a noise reduction solution with safety features, where visibility is essential to ensure the safety of workers.

By Using Hushtec Factory Dividers You Can Create

  • Transparent Screening and walling systems
  • Contamination control dividers
  • Food grade Transparent walls/ dividers and rooms
  • Walk through fly and insect strip screen doorways
  • Containment and Isolation rooms – Both for temporary and permanent usage.

We offer a wide range of noise management solutions suitable for any project. For additional information, please download our comprehensive product brochure

Our Range is Available to Be Fully Customised to Suit Your Situation

  • Full range of colours including See through clear PVC
  • Can be fully printed to promote your brand
  • Available in any size and shape
  • Can come complete with track pull-back roller systems.

Our Range is Used in a Wide Variety of Industries Such as:

  • Medical facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Rooms containing sensitive equipment
  • Parts storage areas
  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • Washrooms
  • Aviation manufacturing and maintenance facilities
  • Medical device, pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing facilities as well as other high-precision manufacturing operations
  • Chemical manufacturing plants.

Optimising Safety, Improving Productivity

Reducing sound levels in work areas is an important safety consideration. Good acoustics also help to increase productivity levels, so noise reduction is also an important business consideration.
Safety is also enhanced with the transparency of the barriers. Transparent barriers also allow in natural light.

Companies in a range of industries trust our noise reduction solutions because they deliver high levels of performance and are manufactured to the highest standards. They are also robust and durable.

This makes our NZ-made Transparent Noise Barrier the perfect choice for any application, including harsh and challenging environments.

Customised to Your Requirements

We can customise a Transparent Noise Barrier according to your requirements. Our design team will be happy to work with you to deliver a bespoke solution that will then be manufactured by our in-house team.

You can customise the transparency, making the barrier fully or partially transparent. Size, colour, and branding customisations are possible too.

When you choose a Hushtec® excessive noise barrier, you can have confidence you are getting the best product on the market.

If you are looking for a flexible, adaptable, and high-performing noise reduction solution, our Performance Sound Barrier will deliver on your expectations. It has high noise reduction capabilities and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, including construction and demolition sites. The panels come in a standard size of 2m x 1.3m, but they can be customised to your requirements. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and get a quote.

The Hushtec Premium Noise Barrier is the industry-leading portable noise barrier, offering best-in-class noise reduction capabilities and multiple customisation options. This makes our Premium noise barrier suitable for any application, including on sites where noise reduction is a high priority, such as inner-city construction projects. Premium Noise Barrier panels can absorb up to 90 percent of noise, so get in touch to speak to one of our specialists.

Our Transparent Noise Barriers are used on construction sites, demolition sites, and industrial facilities – in fact, any location where noise reduction is required but the barrier has to be see-through. Having a see-through barrier is often an important safety consideration, plus it offers additional benefits, such as allowing natural light into a location. Our Transparent Noise Barriers are fully customisable, so contact us to get a quote.

Rock breakers are noisy machines. The impacts created by rock breakers also produce dust and flying debris. All three – noise, dust, and flying debris – are safety issues on construction and demolition sites. They also have a negative impact on worker comfort, but there is an effective and affordable solution – the Hushtec Rock Breaker Attachment. It fits on just about any rock breaker, significantly reducing noise and controlling dust and flying debris.

Significantly reducing the noise of pile driving operations is simple, quick, and affordable with our Pile Driver Shroud solution. Our standard product fits the majority of piling rigs, but we can also customise a solution to meet your requirements. It is durable, and it only takes a few minutes to fit, with strong magnets and Velcro providing reliable attachments. The sound reduction performance is exceptional, too, helping to protect workers and others close to pile driving work.

From customising the shape and size of your noise control solution, to tailoring the acoustic capabilities to meet your requirements, our team can develop a fully bespoke product that meets your needs. It will be designed and manufactured at our NZ facility by a team with extensive experience in the development of practical and highly effective noise control solutions. We can also customise the visual appearance of your bespoke product. Get in touch today.

Finding a suitable place on a construction site to make a phone call is a challenge. In emergency situations, this becomes a safety issue as the ability to communicate with the emergency services is essential. Hushbox provides a solution. It is a quiet box that removes background site noise, allowing workers to make phone calls. It also doubles as a document station, and it can be customised with safety features and branding.

The Hushtec Acoustic Tent solution is ideal for construction sites and manufacturing facilities that need to control the noise produced by machines, equipment, and operations. Using advanced sound absorption technologies, our Acoustic Tents deliver high levels of noise control performance, both inside and outside the tent. Your solution can be fully customised to your requirements, and it will be manufactured to the highest standards.

Our innovative Hushwall systems make it quick, easy, and affordable to build soundproofing walls and enclosures for just about any application. The panels that make up the system come in four different acoustic grades, and they can be manufactured in any shape or size. They also feature a unique tongue-and-groove system that makes it easy to build, dismantle, and reassemble soundproofing walls and enclosures without the need for a builder.

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