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About Hushtec

Hushtec is a leading national and international supplier of advanced noise control solutions for applications that include construction, demolition, manufacturing, industrial, entertainment, and more.

We offer exceptional customer service, unrivalled expertise, and industry-leading noise control solutions

At Hushtec, we develop, manufacture, customise, and supply noise control products, and we provide aftersales support. We are the only company in New Zealand that can provide this end-to-end service and level of expertise. As a result, we are an industry leader in noise control solutions, with our products used by leading companies in NZ and overseas. All R&D, design, and manufacturing takes place at our New Zealand facility by our knowledgeable and award-winning team.

Customised Noise Control Solutions

We offer an extensive range of standard noise control products, systems, and solutions. However, customisation options are also available. This includes customising existing products, plus we can develop unique, once-off designs.

Services You Can Depend On

All our products come with warranties, including a lifetime workmanship warranty. We also offer free on-site consultations to ensure you get the best solution for your budget and requirements. Get in touch today to find out more.

Noise Control

We offer noise control solutions for any application


All our products are customisable, and we create unique designs


Our products are manufactured from recycled plastic

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Do you have a specific noise control requirement? Or would you like to speak to a member of our team to find the best solution for your needs? Get in touch with us today.