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Why Us

The Hushtec Difference

Our industry-leading noise control solutions will deliver on your requirements


With over 50 years of experience in developing noise control solutions, we offer unrivalled knowledge and expertise.


Our products have proven track records in the control of excessive noise. They are also laboratory tested.


Our unique offering includes full end-to-end services, from R&D and product design, to manufacturing and customisation.


We offer fast turnaround times on all orders, particularly on our standard products which are usually available off-the-shelf

Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Performance

The noise control solutions that we produce deliver exceptional noise control performance, even in the toughest and most challenging conditions. This performance will protect your workers and those nearby.

Solutions are available to control the noise produced by specific machines or equipment, plus we offer noise control barrier, tent, and wall solutions. Each product that we offer is manufactured to the highest standards of workmanship using high-quality materials. We also invest heavily in R&D to maximise the noise absorption properties of the products we manufacture.

Many of our products also offer additional benefits. An example is our Rock Breaker Shroud that not only reduces noise, but also offers protection from flying debris. Whatever your noise control and soundproofing requirements, we can help.

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Do you have a specific noise control requirement? Or would you like to speak to a member of our team to find the best solution for your needs? Get in touch with us today.