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ClearPlay Transparent Sound Panels: Enhancing Pickleball Experience

Introducing our new innovation ClearPlay Transparent Sound Panels by Hushtec, the revolutionary solution for noise reduction without sacrificing visibility. Our transparent noise barriers are designed to enhance the sports experience by providing both noise suppression and unobstructed views.

Whether you’re a pickleball enthusiast, a sports facility manager, or an event organizer, ClearPlay panels are the perfect choice for your noise mitigation needs.



ClearPlay Transparent Noise Barriers

ClearPlay Transparent Noise Barriers are a game-changer in the sports world, offering unparalleled visibility through chain-link fences.

Unlike standard noise suppression systems, ClearPlay allows natural light to pass through while providing a clear view of the action, making it the perfect choice for sports enthusiasts.

  • Safety: ClearPlay sound panels enhance safety by allowing visibility through the panels, enabling critical moments to be saved in case of emergencies.
  • New ClearPlay 360TM: The newly designed ClearPlay 360TM sound panels combine transparent panels with Hushtec’s Premium Series sound absorption panels, offering a modern design option for noise mitigation without compromising visibility.

Acoustic Sound Panels


Our acoustic sound panels, including the ClearPlay and Mission Series, are popular choices for soundproofing pickleball courts. These panels effectively absorb sound waves, reducing noise levels and creating a more enjoyable environment for players and spectators.


  • Industrial Durability: Suitable for construction sites, demolition sites, and industrial facilities where noise reduction and visibility are essential.
  • Custom Sizes: Available in standard size dimensions or custom sizes to suit specific requirements.
  • Custom Colors & Graphics: Panels can be customized with a variety of colors and graphics to complement any setting.

Technical Specifications



  • Acoustic Specifications: RW23, STC23
  • Customizable: Any shape, size, and color
  • Weatherproof: Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Easy Installation: Velcro connected for minimal noise leakage and tensioned eyelets for added install points
  • Standard Size: 78-3/4” tall x 51” wide or 78-3/” tall x 141-3/4” wide
  • Panel Weights: Ranging from 19.4 lbs to 0.82 lbs sq/ft

How do ClearPlay Transparent Sound Panels enhance safety in sports facilities?

By providing a balance between noise reduction and visibility, ClearPlay Transparent Sound Panels contribute to creating a safer environment for athletes, staff, and spectators in sports facilities.


Improved Visibility

ClearPlay panels provide noise reduction without compromising visibility. This ensures that players, coaches, and spectators have a clear line of sight, reducing the risk of accidents or collisions during sporting events.


Minimized Ground Shadows

The panels allow light to pass through, minimizing ground shadows as the sun sets. This feature ensures optimal visibility during tournaments and events, reducing the likelihood of trips and falls.


Customizable Options

The panels are available in custom sizes and colors, allowing facilities to tailor the panels to their specific needs, further optimizing visibility and safety.

ClearPlay Transparent Sound Panels utilize advanced acoustic technology to maintain visibility while effectively reducing noise in sports facilities.

How do ClearPlay panels maintain visibility while reducing noise in sports facilities?

  1. Transparent Acoustic Technology: ClearPlay panels are designed to be transparent, allowing natural light to pass through while addressing noise reduction. This unique feature ensures that visibility within sports facilities remains uncompromised, creating a safer and more visually open environment for athletes, staff, and spectators.
  2. Balanced Acoustic Control: The panels strike a balance between noise reduction and visibility by utilizing specialized materials that absorb and dampen sound waves while remaining visually transparent. This ensures that the panels effectively control noise without obstructing sightlines or creating a visually enclosed space.
  3. Customizable Options: ClearPlay panels are available in custom sizes and colors, allowing sports facilities to tailor the panels to their specific needs. This customization further enhances visibility while addressing the facility’s unique noise control requirements.

By incorporating these features, ClearPlay panels effectively prioritize both noise reduction and visibility, contributing to a safer and more visually open environment within sports facilities.