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Hushtec is a global leader in the development and manufacture of noise control solutions and technologies. All our products are manufactured in New Zealand.
Noise Control, Product Customisation, and Support

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we’ll bring a wealth of expertise to your noise control project, offering both off-the-shelf and customised products.

We are also the only company in New Zealand that offers a full range of services, as we design, develop, and manufacture all the products and solutions that we supply at our advanced production facility in New Zealand.

Workmanship Warranty

Quality is central to everything that we do at Hushtec, from the development of innovative noise control technologies to our manufacturing operations.

As a result, we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on all the noise control products that we manufacture. If a Hushtec product fails because of a manufacturing issue, we will replace it. We also offer warranties on other elements of the products you purchase.

Product Customisation Capabilities

We manufacture and stock a wide range of standard products that have been designed to meet the most common requirements. However, we also offer extensive customisation capabilities, from customising the size and shape of your solution, to applying your branding and logo.

We are in the business of noise control, so protecting people and wildlife from excessive noise pollution is our core priority.

The influence we have on the environment is also a central consideration in all Hushtec operations, from design to manufacturing to aftersales support.

We take a proactive approach to reducing the impact our products and operations have on the environment. This includes using recycled plastics to manufacture our products.


Learn More About the Experiences of Hushtec Customers

Hushtec is our preferred noise mitigation partner, they have been helping us for years now and being able to also have full customisation on already unique high performing products is just WOW factor. Guys on-site love them for how easy and practical they are to shift alongside how effective they are at reducing noise on some of our louder machines such as rock hammers and concrete cutters.

I used to think noise barrier blankets didn’t work until I tried the Hushtec panels. These reduced our noise on-site immediately, which enabled us to continue works throughout the night on an urgent project, saving our customer thousands and helping complete the project before scheduled. The team is also very knowledgeable and helpful, couldn’t ask for more.

Hushtec panels are awesome!! No more complaints from our neighbours, more privacy and safety for our on-site staff, and free marketing with our logo printed on them! Highly recommend.

Become a Distributor

At Hushtec, we are always looking for reliable partners with the same commitment to noise control that we have. Our products are sold globally, so if you are interested in becoming a Hushtec distributor, please get in touch.

Leading Companies Trust Hushtec

We work with leading companies in a range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and demolition. Our customers trust the quality and performance of the products that we produce, as well as the levels of service we provide.

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