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Hushtec leads globally in creating and producing noise control solutions and technologies, with all our products proudly crafted in New Zealand.

Noise Control, Product Customisation, and Support

With over five decades of industry experience, we bring a wealth of expertise to your noise control project. We offer a wide range of both ready-made and customised  solutions.

What sets us apart is that we’re the exclusive New Zealand company providing comprehensive services, from design and development to manufacturing, all done in our cutting-edge production facility right here in New Zealand.

Workmanship Warranty

At Hushtec, quality is at the core of our operations, spanning from the creation of pioneering noise control technologies to our manufacturing processes.

This commitment to excellence leads us to provide a lifetime workmanship warranty on all our manufactured noise control products. Should any Hushtec product fail due to a manufacturing defect, we stand ready to replace it. Furthermore, we extend warranties to cover various components of the products you invest in, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Product Customisation Capabilities

At Hushtec, we maintain a diverse inventory of standard products meticulously designed to satisfy common needs. Nevertheless, we go the extra mile by providing extensive customisation options. Whether it’s tailoring the dimensions, configuring the shape, or incorporating your branding and logo, we empower you to make your solution uniquely yours.

At Hushtec, our primary mission is noise control. We are dedicated to safeguarding people and wildlife from the adverse effects of excessive noise pollution, making it our core priority.

Environmental impact is a central concern at Hushtec, permeating every facet of our operations, from design and manufacturing to post-sales support. We take a proactive stance in minimizing our products’ and operations’ impact on the environment. This includes our commitment to using recycled plastics in the production of our solutions.


Learn More About the Experiences of Hushtec Customers

Hushtec is our preferred noise mitigation partner, they have been helping us for years now and being able to also have full customisation on already unique high performing products is just WOW factor. Guys on-site love them for how easy and practical they are to shift alongside how effective they are at reducing noise on some of our louder machines such as rock hammers and concrete cutters.

I used to think noise barrier blankets didn’t work until I tried the Hushtec panels. These reduced our noise on-site immediately, which enabled us to continue works throughout the night on an urgent project, saving our customer thousands and helping complete the project before scheduled. The team is also very knowledgeable and helpful, couldn’t ask for more.

Hushtec panels are awesome!! No more complaints from our neighbours, more privacy and safety for our on-site staff, and free marketing with our logo printed on them! Highly recommend.

Become a Distributor

Hushtec is constantly seeking dependable partners who share our unwavering dedication to noise control. Since our products are distributed worldwide, if you’re interested in joining our network as a Hushtec distributor, we encourage you to reach out and connect with us.

Leading Companies Trust Hushtec

We collaborate with leading companies across various sectors, including construction, manufacturing, and demolition. Our customers place their trust in the quality, performance, and service levels we consistently deliver.

Arrange a Consultation

Do you have a specific noise control requirement? Or would you like to speak to a member of our team to find the best solution for your needs? Get in touch with us today.