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The Importance of Hushtec Noise Control Barriers on Construction Sites

Construction sites are vibrant hubs of activity, with machinery, equipment, and workers bustling to bring structures to life. However, amidst the productivity and progress, there is often an unavoidable side effect: noise. 🔊
Excessive noise not only poses risks to the safety and well-being of construction workers but can also disturb and annoy neighbouring communities. To address these concerns, Hushtec Noise Control Barriers have emerged as a crucial solution, providing a multitude of benefits on construction sites.

Noise Control Barriers for Jaw Crusher

In this case study, we examine the successful implementation of the Hushtec Premium Noise Control Barriers to mitigate excessive noise generated by a jaw crusher. The installation of 12 panels of the Hushtec Barriers resulted in significant noise reduction, allowing Hirock Ltd to comply with council requirements. The following sections highlight the problem, solution, and outcomes achieved.

Hirock Ltd, a subsidiary of Higgins Family Holdings Ltd, was established in 2020. On one of their quarries, they operate a jaw crusher that produces excessive noise, resulting in compliance issues with the local council regulations. An independent noise assessment report was conducted to assess the noise levels and determine the necessary measures to mitigate the issue.

RECO Construction overcoming construction noise challenges.

RECO Construction is currently engaged in a new project involving the construction of 37 brand new apartments. However, there is a challenge as the site is located right next to a kindergarten. Initially, they installed a wooden fence, believing it would help reduce the noise generated by the busy construction site. Unfortunately, this approach did not succeed, as most of the children attending the kindergarten are sensitive to noise. The noise from the construction site disrupted their focus and sleep.

Consequently, RECO had to adjust their working hours to minimize disturbance to the neighbouring kindergarten. Nevertheless, this modification did not prove to be effective, and they realized that their productivity was suffering. Therefore, they needed to find an alternative solution.

Taking Safety to the next level when using a Rock Breaker

Rock breakers are indispensable tools in the construction industry, offering efficient and effective solutions for breaking through tough materials. However, their powerful nature brings along various risks, including noise, flying debris, and dust. Addressing these risks and meeting the evolving demands of clients, employees, and the public is crucial. In this article, we explore the client’s needs for enhanced safety and introduce an innovative solution that takes rock breaker operations to the next level.

Dempsey Wood site

Our Marketing guru Lianca went off-site to go visit one of your clients using the premium noise control barriers to hear what their thoughts were of the product.

She met up with Euan Merry the Project Manager for Dempsey Wood Construction at a medical institute site that is still fully operational. Dempsey Wood will be upgrading the road and creating new walkways and upgrading the water pipes for this site so that new housing can be built for the Aucklanders.

This is a big project and working with big loud machinery right next to a medical institute is not the easiest thing, Euan said. We must comply with the noise regulations so that all the employees can focus on their day-to-day job and also so that the patients can rehabilitate in peace.

Ryman Health Care

Hushtec’s marketing manager went to go visit one of Ryman Health Care’s construction sites in Takapuna, Auckland and met up with Karl Drent the Site Supervisor.

Ryman Health Care has been creating and building retirement villages for the past 39 years and still going strong.

One of their recent builds in Takapuna is in a beautiful neighbourhood within close walking distance to the beach and local shops. And this is why they needed to install the Hushtec Noise Control Barriers while the new village is being built.

No one wants to hear the loud noise of a full-on construction site in their living rooms.

Ryman Health Care reached out to Hushtec to provide them to get the right amount of noise barriers they will need to keep the community comfortable while building a new retirement village.

Kent said that these panels are an easier product to install in comparison to other noise control solutions and what makes it even better is that you can install it on uneven surfaces as well. Which makes it easy and fast to install no matter what the conditions are.

Kent wanted to test out these panels (just for himself) so while the site was busy and full of machines doing their job, he stood in front of the barrier to hear how loud the noise of the machines was and then he moved behind the barrier, and he was amazed by the outcome. “I did not expect the noise to be reduced by such a level, I’m sure all the neighbours are happy we installed these.

We also had the opportunity to speak to Thalia Gunn the Quality Assurance Coordinator for this site, and she mentioned that dealing with Hushtec was a breeze, she could always rely on Hushtec for a speedy response, and she was amazed that they received the barrier earlier than expected, which was great news because then they could start working with their big digger sooner than later.

HUSHTEC® panels can be used on-site to create any spec noise wall, to the height and length required. Each panel also features our overlap hook and loop system to ensure panels are joined efficiently and seamlessly!

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