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Hush Wall: The Customisable Acoustic Fence Panels for Effective Noise Control Solutions


Hush Wall

Experience the HUSH WALL system, an easy-to-install, prefabricated soundproof panel kit that’s engineered to dramatically minimize noise in various applications, including:

Noise Barrier

Unlock the power of the Hushwall system – a lightweight yet incredibly efficient acoustic panel that lets you build versatile noise walls, partitions, and screens with unparalleled speed. Each section effortlessly fits into a C-shaped channel, and our ingenious “tongue and groove” system seamlessly joins the panels, guaranteeing a flawless wall configuration with absolutely no noise leaks. Don’t miss out on this revolutionary solution for noise control!

Available in four different grade panels such as 50mm, 95mm, 140mm, and 180mm thickness panels. Each panel is backed by full laboratory acoustic testing and can be manufactured to any size and shape.

The added bonus of the HUSHWALL system is they can easily be disassembled and relocated to create noise walls in other areas without the need of hiring a builder if plans change.

Be creative! Each HUSHWALL panel can be powder-coated in the colour of choice to blend in with the surrounding environment, or, this system can also be digital printed in the graphics of your choice!

“The HUSHWALL system we had installed has not only reduced noise levels for our staff throughout our entire plant, it has also reduced our manufacturing noise to an acceptable level whereby we can now operate 24/7 without disturbance to neighbours in close proximity. Thanks to the creative HUSHWALL system, our output is over 50% higher than last year.” Tom Jenkins

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Dyno Booths
  • Engine Test Cells
  • Transformer / Generator Enclosures
  • Pump / Blower Facilities
  • Rooftop Aircon Enclosures
  • Highway Noise Barriers

Affordable and Effective Soundproof Wall Solution

Discover the versatility of Hushtec’s Hushwall system, featuring prefabricated panels that easily interlock to form a customized soundproof wall of any size, shape, or design.

Engineered for remarkable noise reduction, this system finds its place in various applications such as manufacturing plants, generator enclosures, dyno booths, pumping facilities, and highway noise control. Upgrade your acoustic solutions with Hushwall today!

Four Grades Available

Tailor your acoustic needs with our versatile Hushwall panels, available in four distinct grades, each defined by panel thickness: 50mm, 95mm, 140mm, and 180mm options.

Rest assured, every panel thickness has undergone rigorous laboratory testing to guarantee exceptional noise reduction capabilities, providing you with a trusted solution for your acoustic requirements. Choose Hushwall for confidence in acoustic performance!

When you choose a Hushtec® excessive noise barrier, you can have confidence you are getting the best product on the market.

If you need a noise-reduction solution that’s flexible and high-performing, look no further than our Performance Sound Barrier. It’s great for indoor or outdoor use, including construction sites. Our panels come in a standard size of 2m x 1.3m, but we can customize them to fit your needs. Contact us today to set up a consultation and get a quote – let’s improve your noise control!

The Hushtec Premium Noise Barrier – your top choice for portable noise control with unmatched performance. With best-in-class noise reduction and a range of customization options, our Premium Noise Barrier suits any application, especially noise-sensitive inner-city construction sites. These panels can absorb up to 90% of noise, making them a must-have solution. Reach out to our specialists today for expert advice on transforming your noise management.

Transparent Noise Barriers, perfect for construction sites, demolition areas, and industrial facilities. These barriers are ideal whenever noise reduction is essential, but visibility is a must. Beyond safety, they also allow natural light to flow in. Our Transparent Noise Barriers can be tailored to your needs, offering full customization. Reach out to us today for a personalized quote and enhance your noise control while keeping things clear.

Rock breakers can be quite noisy, with impacts generating dust and flying debris – posing safety hazards on construction and demolition sites, as well as affecting worker comfort. But fear not, there’s a cost-effective solution: the Hushtec Rock Breaker Attachment. Compatible with most rock breakers, it substantially reduces noise and effectively manages dust and flying debris. Say goodbye to these challenges and welcome a safer, more comfortable worksite with the Hushtec Rock Breaker Attachment!

Achieving remarkable noise reduction during pile driving activities is now easy, fast, and budget-friendly with our Pile Driver Shroud solution. Our standard product suits most piling rigs, and we can also tailor a solution to your specifications. It’s sturdy and installs in just minutes, thanks to robust magnets and Velcro attachments. Plus, it delivers exceptional sound reduction, enhancing safety for workers and anyone in proximity to pile driving operations. Upgrade your noise control effortlessly with our Pile Driver Shroud today!

Imagine having a noise control solution crafted precisely to your specifications – from shape and size to acoustic performance. Our expert team can create a fully customised product that’s perfect for your needs. Everything is designed and manufactured right here in our New Zealand facility, by a team with vast experience in crafting practical and highly efficient noise control solutions. Plus, we can even tailor the visual appearance to your liking. Reach out today to turn your noise control vision into reality!

Locating a peaceful spot for phone calls on a bustling construction site can be quite a challenge. In emergencies, this becomes a critical safety concern, as immediate communication with emergency services is imperative. That’s where Hushbox steps in. Our innovative solution, the Hushbox, acts as a noise-canceling enclosure, eliminating background site noise and enabling workers to make essential phone calls without hassle. It’s not just a quiet space; it also doubles as a document station and can be tailored with safety features and branding to meet your specific needs. Ensure effective communication and safety with Hushbox today!

If you’re seeking noise control excellence in construction sites and manufacturing facilities, look no further than the Hushtec Acoustic Tent solution. Perfect for taming the noise generated by machinery, equipment, and operations, our Acoustic Tents harness cutting-edge sound absorption technologies. They provide exceptional noise control, ensuring tranquility both inside and outside the tent. Each solution is fully customizable to meet your unique needs and is manufactured to the highest industry standards. Elevate your noise management game with Hushtec Acoustic Tents today!

Experience the simplicity and affordability of our groundbreaking Hushwall systems, designed to construct soundproofing walls and enclosures for virtually any purpose with ease. Our system comprises panels available in four distinct acoustic grades, all customizable in shape and size to suit your specific needs. What sets us apart is our unique tongue-and-groove system, allowing you to effortlessly build, disassemble, and reassemble soundproofing barriers without requiring a builder’s expertise. Upgrade your noise control strategy today with Hushwall – it’s practical, flexible, and cost-effective!

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