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Noise Control Barriers for Jaw Crusher

Our Case Study

Noise Control Barriers for Jaw Crusher

In this case study, we examine the successful implementation of the Hushtec Premium Noise Control Barriers to mitigate excessive noise generated by a jaw crusher. The installation of 12 panels of the Hushtec Barriers resulted in significant noise reduction, allowing Hirock Ltd to comply with council requirements. The following sections highlight the problem, solution, and outcomes achieved.

Hirock Ltd, a subsidiary of Higgins Family Holdings Ltd, was established in 2020. On one of their quarries, they operate a jaw crusher that produces excessive noise, resulting in compliance issues with the local council regulations. An independent noise assessment report was conducted to assess the noise levels and determine the necessary measures to mitigate the issue.

Client Information

Hirock Ltd

Hirock Ltd was established in August 2020 as part of the Higgins Family Holdings Ltd group of companies. Operating 12 Ready Mix concrete plants in the lower North Island and upper South Island.

The noise assessment report revealed that the noise generated by the jaw crusher exceeded the permissible limits set by the council. The excessive noise posed not only a compliance issue but also a potential risk to the well-being of employees working in the vicinity of the crusher. Therefore, finding an effective solution to reduce noise levels was essential.

After careful evaluation, Hirock decided to install the Hushtec Premium Noise Control Barriers. The Hushtec Barriers are known for their superior noise absorption properties and ability to reduce noise pollution effectively. Twelve panels of the Hushtec Barriers were strategically fitted around the jaw crusher to create an enclosure that would contain and absorb the noise generated during its operation.

Following the installation of the Hushtec Noise Control Barriers, an independent noise assessment was conducted to measure the impact of the solution. The assessment report indicated a significant reduction in noise levels, with reductions ranging from 7 to 15 decibels (dB). These noise reductions brought Hirock’s operations within the permissible limits set by the council.

The installation of the Hushtec Noise Control Barriers around the jaw crusher proved to be a highly effective solution for noise reduction. Hirock achieved substantial noise reductions, as verified by the independent noise assessment report. By meeting the council requirements and enhancing employee well-being, the implementation of the Hushtec Barriers proved to be a valuable investment for Hirock Ltd.

Hushtec is the global leader in the development and manufacture of noise control solutions and technologies. All our products are manufactured in New Zealand.


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