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Dempsey Wood site

Our Case Study

Dempsey Wood site

Our Marketing guru Lianca went off-site to go visit one of your clients using the premium noise control barriers to hear what their thoughts were of the product.

She met up with Euan Merry the Project Manager for Dempsey Wood Construction at a medical institute site that is still fully operational. Dempsey Wood will be upgrading the road and creating new walkways and upgrading the water pipes for this site so that new housing can be built for the Aucklanders.

This is a big project and working with big loud machinery right next to a medical institute is not the easiest thing, Euan said. We must comply with the noise regulations so that all the employees can focus on their day-to-day job and also so that the patients can rehabilitate in peace.

Client Information

Dempsey Wood Construction

Dempsey Wood is an innovative civil engineering company that has been growing Auckland, the Waikato, Wellington and Northland since 1993.

Here are a few questions Lianca asked Euan about their experience with the barriers.
What was it like on-site before using the noise barriers?
“If we did not have the noise barriers we could not even start with the project. These barriers were the main product we needed to start this project. We needed to always have some sort of noise control solution onsite to complete this project.”

How did you come about Hushtec’s noise control barriers?
“We knew that we needed the right product to reduce the noise on site, so we started googling and found Hushtec and saw they have a few different products we could use on the site. We did not even hesitate to contact them.”

Did you have any obstacles to installing the products?
“Not at all – The panels come with the Velcro strips which helped us perfectly align the panels and the eyelids made it easy to tie to the fence. And even by saying that if we would like to move them around to a different area on site – it will be super easy and fast. Exactly what we needed. “

While the two of them were having their conversation the institute’s project manager Paul, walked by and spoke to Lianca and he only had good things to say about the noise control barriers. “We have noticed a big difference in the noise levels when the machines are working, especially when you are in a building that does not have any barriers in front – you notice the difference in sound levels immediately.

Some last words from Euan “we could not have done this without Hushtec’s Noise Control Barriers and what makes it even better is that we can reuse them on our next project.”

So, if you have a project coming up that will require some sort of noise-reducing equipment – you know who to call – Hushtec – quietly making the world a better place.

Hushtec is the global leader in the development and manufacture of noise control solutions and technologies. All our products are manufactured in New Zealand.


Learn More About the Experiences of Hushtec Customers

Hushtec is our preferred noise mitigation partner, they have been helping us for years now and being able to also have full customisation on already unique high performing products is just WOW factor. Guys on-site love them for how easy and practical they are to shift alongside how effective they are at reducing noise on some of our louder machines such as rock hammers and concrete cutters.

I used to think noise barrier blankets didn’t work until I tried the Hushtec panels. These reduced our noise on-site immediately, which enabled us to continue works throughout the night on an urgent project, saving our customer thousands and helping complete the project before scheduled. The team is also very knowledgeable and helpful, couldn’t ask for more.

Hushtec panels are awesome!! No more complaints from our neighbours, more privacy and safety for our on-site staff, and free marketing with our logo printed on them! Highly recommend.